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How to save

When asked what the number one stress-point on household finances is, the answer is always “trying to save money”. ” But there is a light at the end of the tunnel – home loan rates are the best we have seen. ” It’s a big deal in Australia right now with consumer debt at an […]

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Time to let go – healthy investment

Investment Property strategy

Investment in a property can be a big deal. Even a small loan is a relatively large, long-term commitment and there can be plenty of emotional attachments – especially if it’s your first home loan. “ People tend to purchase property based on emotional triggers, and not a smart business strategy.” And it can be […]

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Spending habit, we all hab it


Last week Brooke wrote about developing the right mindset – the right attitude – towards your money. For some, it takes time to develop a healthy attitude towards your finances. Trust me – I know! Right now, I could jump onto the interwebs and spend $1000’s on things I probably don’t need (but convince myself […]

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A Positive Money Mindset

The last few weeks we have thrown some gold nuggets out regarding budgeting, streamlining your finances, organisation, and behaviours around money. This information, whilst valuable, is also essentially free and pretty easy to access using the internet. We decided to put these steps into a series of emails to break the process down and make […]

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Real Planning – Why budgeting is important.

Here’s the thing about budgeting. It’s actually not that hard. Here’s the other thing about budgeting – you absolutely need to do it if you want to Get Lean in 2019 (or any other year for that matter). Let’s talk about why budgeting is important.   What freaks people out about budgeting, isn’t the tedious […]

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