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Where to from here – restructuring debt today

Last week we touched on Investment property and the importance of getting the strategy and structure correct. Which got us thinking. How does this apply to clients enquiring about restructuring debt. As little as 5 years ago, things were vastly different in this space, and beginning to change rapidly. We are now starting to see a […]

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Upgrade loans

They say (I don’t actually know who ‘they’ are) that buying your first home is one of the scariest, yet exciting life-experiences you will go through. Was the thrill of owning your very own home offset by the fact that you had one very large debt to chip away at for 30 years?  It was […]

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Taking Care of Business – Managing Your Small Business Finances

Small Business

Small to Medium business growth is on the rise in Australia. With government grants available each year, tax incentives, write-off options and the emergence of a flexible lending market targeted towards savvy SME’s (Small-Medium Enterprise), it’s a good time for business owners, and an important time to ensure you’re managing your small business finances. “Thankfully, […]

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What’s your risk appetite?

Bank risk appetite for loans

We all have an appetite for financial risk. Some of us take a reserved, conservative approach to monetary decisions, while others have a more adventurous inclination for higher risk, hoping for different outcomes. Neither is right or wrong. Both have their pro’s and cons; it is very much governed by your comfort level individually. “What […]

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The Cost of Reno’s – Our Home Renovation Tips

Most people will need to update, repair or renovate their home in the time they own it. There is, however, a certain view the bank has on how these renovations are conducted, and ultimately; funded. We commonly see clients getting ‘stuck’ with funding required to finish a project. Get DLS’s home renovation tips and look […]

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