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Real Planning – Why budgeting is important.

Here’s the thing about budgeting. It’s actually not that hard. Here’s the other thing about budgeting – you absolutely need to do it if you want to Get Lean in 2019 (or any other year for that matter). Let’s talk about why budgeting is important.   What freaks people out about budgeting, isn’t the tedious […]

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Good Debt, Bad Debt?

Ah, debt. That nasty four-letter word. No one really enjoys debt regardless if it’s good debt or bad, and as we have pointed out in the past, it causes a lot of stress on families. A friend once quipped that DLS is in the debt business. But Pete and I are actually committed to helping […]

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Now What – Getting Debt Free

Last weeks email struck a chord with a few of our clients. Hard facts do tend to spark thought and reflection in people, and that certainly was the desired effect. If we are to set about truly helping our clients to manage their money better, become debt free and ultimately improve their wealth – then […]

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The Costs of Debt… Real Talk

I have worked in the finance industry for 15 years, and I don’t have to tell you, things did get a little hectic in that time, and they are getting a little hectic now – at least that is the perception that mainstream media portray. Debt is still a thing. The costs of debt are […]

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What’s your risk appetite?

Bank risk appetite for loans

We all have an appetite for financial risk. Some of us take a reserved, conservative approach to monetary decisions, while others have a more adventurous inclination for higher risk, hoping for different outcomes. Neither is right or wrong. Both have their pro’s and cons; it is very much governed by your comfort level individually. “What […]

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The Cost of Reno’s – Our Home Renovation Tips

Most people will need to update, repair or renovate their home in the time they own it. There is, however, a certain view the bank has on how these renovations are conducted, and ultimately; funded. We commonly see clients getting ‘stuck’ with funding required to finish a project. Get DLS’s home renovation tips and look […]

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Stress Less – Lower your Debt, Lower your Stress

Debt from Stress

Consumer debt is climbing and causing potential distress on household budgets. Mortgage stress was flagged as a major concern for nearly a 3rd of Australian households for December 2017. Pick up any publication in any given week, and you will find numerous articles and opinions on how Australian families are doing it tough with their […]

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