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How to save

When asked what the number one stress-point on household finances is, the answer is always “trying to save money”. ” But there is a light at the end of the tunnel – home loan rates are the best we have seen. ” It’s a big deal in Australia right now with consumer debt at an […]

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Time to let go – healthy investment

Investment Property strategy

Investment in a property can be a big deal. Even a small loan is a relatively large, long-term commitment and there can be plenty of emotional attachments – especially if it’s your first home loan. “ People tend to purchase property based on emotional triggers, and not a smart business strategy.” And it can be […]

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Where to from here – restructuring debt today

Last week we touched on Investment property and the importance of getting the strategy and structure correct. Which got us thinking. How does this apply to clients enquiring about restructuring debt. As little as 5 years ago, things were vastly different in this space, and beginning to change rapidly. We are now starting to see a […]

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Offset Account vs Extra Repayments

If you’ve asked yourself which will be better in the long run, having an offset account vs extra repayments , here’s a comparison of the two strategies. It’s all too easy to get your loan set up, move into (or tenant) your property and get on with life, thinking that everything will just take care […]

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Mortgage Hack

This week we thought we start talking about some simple, yet very effective strategies that you can use to make your mortgage work for you. Call it a mortgage hack, tips, tricks – it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that they work, are easy to adopt and help you to manage you finances for […]

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Upgrade loans

They say (I don’t actually know who ‘they’ are) that buying your first home is one of the scariest, yet exciting life-experiences you will go through. Was the thrill of owning your very own home offset by the fact that you had one very large debt to chip away at for 30 years?  It was […]

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Bank-xiety – When did the bank rate go up?

Bank Rate

Last week the federal budget was announced (read government promises regarding tax payers money) and the official bank rate did, well, nothing. Again. I thought about writing an email regarding the budget, but to be honest, I wasn’t interested in reading it, let alone regurgitating it. I was riding in the back of a cab […]

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Spending habit, we all hab it


Last week Brooke wrote about developing the right mindset – the right attitude – towards your money. For some, it takes time to develop a healthy attitude towards your finances. Trust me – I know! Right now, I could jump onto the interwebs and spend $1000’s on things I probably don’t need (but convince myself […]

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