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Last week the federal budget was announced (read government promises regarding tax payers money) and the official cash rate did, well, nothing. Again. I thought about writing an email regarding the budget, but to be honest, I wasn’t interested in reading it, let alone regurgitating it.   I was riding in the back of a […]

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A Positive Money Mindset

The last few weeks we have thrown some gold nuggets out regarding budgeting, streamlining your finances, organisation, and behaviours around money. This information, whilst valuable, is also essentially free and pretty easy to access using the internet. We decided to put these steps into a series of emails to break the process down and make […]

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Real Budgeting

Here’s the thing about budgeting. It’s actually not that hard. Here’s the other thing about budgeting – you absolutely need to do it if you want to Get Lean in 2019 (or any other year for that matter).   What freaks people out about budgeting, isn’t the tedious nature of it, the spreadsheets and tables. […]

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